Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New baby blog!

I've started a separate blog for updates on the pregnancy and our little one...
I've been a super naughty blogger lately but I promise to start being better!  Enjoy the new blog!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have been dying to see our recent photo shoot with Kevin Hullet Photography...and they are finally here!! Love that we actually got to have our little babies in the photos with us (even if we did have to drug them!) I still feel bad about that. Oops. Anyways, here are the Nelson family photos!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Wow wow wow!! That is all that comes to mind when I think about how time has flown by since last year. I am a week away from completing my second semester at Dixie State for my teaching degree! I never thought I'd make it to I am so thankful that I am and that I have such a loving husband that supports me with everything! Speaking of the dashing Mr. Nelson, we are approaching our 2 year anniversary!!(May 8th) Can you believe it? Seems like just a couple moments ago I was throwing my arms up in the air say "Yahoo!!" after saying the "I do's" What a spectacular 2 years its been with my Matthew. I can honestly say I have never been happier. It seems like I live in a fairy tale (of course not one of those corny fairy tales...more like a exciting adventure type I think) One of the things I have been looking forward to the most about our 2 year is eating some more of our deliciously scrumptious wedding cake! Yes, we still have some frozen! We had a whole layer of the tier that we saved and thought it would so unique and fun to still eat some for our 2nd anniversary. Boy am I excited! It's seriously the best cake I've ever had...even after being frozen for years and thawed out! 

Well besides working our little hiney's off...we still find time to go to every car show that is within 500 miles! Matthew has become obsessed with old cars now that he himself is a proud owner of a 70's Challenger. We've always gone to car shows (like the Moab car show every year) but lately its gotten crazy! Im not sure how many more old cars I can look at and pretend to be super interested in...let me tell's a tough job ;) So this weekend we are driving up to Moab for the annual car show and luckily I have an amazing mother and sister in law that are stealing me away so I don't have to endure another field of men standing by vintage cars talking in a foreign language about cars. Did I mention how much I love my mother and sister?

Well here are a few photo's of us recently....

Vegas Car show/Drag races two weeks ago

 Matthew loves his little princess

 I've been eating healthy lately...I think its killing me. This is my "pretend I love salad more then pizza smile"

 Im going BLONDE!!!!! You can't tell too much in this photo but my hair is definitely a lot lighter...just a couple more hair appointments and I will be back to my god given hair color!

Hope everyone is doing amazing! Happy Summer!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Even though Valentines Day is some made up holiday...probably invented by Halllmark...I cant help but get myself dragged into feeling the love! 
I love thinking up cute gifts for Matthew and for just having an excuse to be all "mushy gushy" all day long.
This Valentines Day was our FOURTH together! Can you believe it? I know..I was surprised myself!
Where has the time gone? 
Well this Valentines I got my inner crafty self out and did just a little somethin somethin for Mr. Nelson.
I was sooo proud of myself for thinking of the cute little sayings all by myself (insert 5 year old beaming smile)
Pintrest got me inspired to do this little gift and I think I would make all the pinners out there proud!

Everything handmade by yours truly! (it took me a good 2 hrs to get the printer to print out on to the little post cards! but so worth it.) I even handmade the card! (excuse my boasting...I warned you I was proud of myself)

My wonderful Pappa spoiled me with a dozen roses...Love him!

And Matt spoiled me with a new PUPPY!! Yes you read that right...we will now be the owners of TWO Doberman Pinschers. Wow, I think we are definitely a little out of our minds. But just look at how adorable this little guy is!!!!

Im in love with him!!! 

Valentines Day will always be special to me...two Valentines ago the love of my life proposed to me and made me the happiest lady! So cheers to this money greedy fake holiday that I love so much! Four years and going strong!

A picture for every year :)

Monday, January 9, 2012


Im going cray cray for 2012!!! I cant believe 2011 flew by so insanely fast! It truly boggles my mind. So it got me thinking...what exactly did we even do this past year? Well the answer is my good friends...A LOT! We had such a blast with 2011 and I'm sad to see it go...but thankful for all that we were able to do! We were so blessed and had so much fun, and I'm convinced 2012 is going to be even more incredible. I think these pictures sum up the year perfectly....

Cheers to the new year!!